2022 is the Year of the Healthy Home

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Climate change and air pollution awareness have coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic to dramatically increase consumer demand for healthier homes – even more individuals see the need for air cleaning products and expect their indoor air products to address the air quality in our homes.

Exclusively ours to sell to the public, the SONA air ionizer is the most robust system on the market. Using proprietary cold plasma technology to produce ions designed to breakdown volatile organic compounds, dry out and kill viruses, mold and microorganisms, like COVID-19, you are sure to have the most efficient clean air in your home and business.

The charged ions have a lifespan nearly two minutes longer than other air ionizers on the market, allowing them to cover a large area and clean the air in your home or business.

Learn more about this product line at https://healthyliving-today.net/air-ionization/#sona.

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  1. We can never be sure about the cleanliness of the air we breathe when we are out, but we can choose to have clean air in our homes. That’s why I am so very excited about the Sona Air Ionizer which assures me that my family and I are breathing clean, mold and microorganism-free air! Wonderful product!!! You must try it!


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