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PlasmaPure 24V AC


PlasmaPURE 600 provides safe and continuous air purification to the entire home using patented brush-style bipolar ionization technology. This unit is UL2998 validated for zero ozone emissions. The PlasmaPURE 600 is a brush-style needlepoint ionizer producing positive and negative oxygen ions that neutralize odors and harmful pollutants. This unit is highly versatile as it may be installed in a furnace, an air handling unit, fan coil unit, PTAC, heat pump or ductless split system. The unit is self-contained in a potted ABS enclosure which has molded tabs with mounting holes for fan inlet mounting with screws or magnet. Models are available to accept 12VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC and 230VAC without the use of an external power supply.
  • 98% Reduction of VOCs and odors
  • 95% Reduction of bacteria
  • 91% Removal of mold spores
  • 86% Reduction of dust particles

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PlasmaAir warrants the equipment against defective workmanship and material for two years from commissioning.
Brand: PlasmaPure 600
Manufacturer: PlasmaAir
Model number: 602 24V AC

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 17.00 × 11.50 × 9.50 in


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