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For large projects, such as airports, casinos, industrial buildings and commercial buildings install multiple SONA Ducty HC and Ducty QC units.  Each unit will work individually but working together will require purchasing a CP-10 or CP-20 Control Panel. 

The first unit connected to the control panel is hard-wired and can be installed up to 6500 linear feet or 2000 meters. For example, a control panel can be installed in an office, administrative building, or any area where the unit can be easily monitored.

The SONA CP-10 control panel connects up to 10 communication modules. SONA CP-20 control panel connects up to 20 communication modules.

To learn more about the SONA CP-10 and SONA CP-20 Control Panel contact us at 319-435-8851 or sales@healthyliving – today.net.

Note: The SONA HS or SONA HQ stand-alone unit does not require a control panel.



  • Supplies power to SONA communication models.
  • SONA CP-10 Control Panel connects up to 10 communication models.
  • SONA CP-20 Control Panel connects up to 20 communication models.
  • Displays all SONA communication and can be controlled individually and as a group.
  • Adjust level of output, on/off for each unit separately or as a group.
  • Displays error code when malfunctioning or trouble.
  • The Control Panel can be placed up to 6,500 feet or 2,000 meters from the first hard-wired unit.
  • Every control panel is strategically placed to maximize the efficiency of the unit.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 25 × 17 in

CP-10, CP-20


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